Installing the CrossCheck 365 Add-In for Word

  • Install the Add-In and analyze your documents from within the comfy confines of Microsoft Word 365
  • Your documents will never leave your computer and you will get some amazing navigational tools
  • See your contracts in a whole new way
  • Use the “Expando” feature to examine the gnarliest text in readable chunks

Click here to get CrossCheck 365 now!

This link will take you to the Microsoft Office store.

Or to Install Directly in Word…

Just follow these steps:

1. Open Microsoft Word 365

2. Click the Home tab at the top of Word.

3. Click “Add-ins”.
4. Click “More Add-ins”.
5. Enter “CrossCheck 365” in the search bar.

6. A listing for CrossCheck 365™ will appear in the results. Click “Add”.

7. Return to the Home tab and CrossCheck 365 should appear in the Ribbon.

(Note: some older versions of Word have the Add-ins button on the Insert tab.)


You can use CrossCheck 365 right away. CrossCheck 365 will automatically create an account and log you in using your Microsoft account (the one you use to login to Word).